Customer Comments

"We checked other home builders and none covered all the items for more than 1 year. With a 7 year warranty we feel comfortable that anything that's going to break will be paid for by the manufacturer."

"It seemed to us that the warranty period demonstrated how much the builder thought of their home. More warranty confirmed more quality in what we were buying."

This is our first home and we really didn't know what to budget for any future problems. With a 7 year warranty our concerns were eliminated."

"My husband travels quite a bit and my family would be home alone. If anything breaks while he is out of town I know I have a safe and reliable service company I can count on to promptly fix it."

"With the cost of gasoline and other repair parts getting so expensive, the 7 year warranty really helps ease our mind about expenses after the purchase."

"In our previous home the refrigerator ice maker broke down frequently and usually cost 2 to 3 hundred dollars to repair. In addition, the air conditioning compressor quit after 5 years and cost a bundle. This 7 year warranty is priceless."

"We just moved and were not comfortable on who to call for repair work. The warranty saves us a lot of worry and provides us with a national organization we can depend on for service, plus it doesn't cost us anything."

"I enjoy doing some things around the house, but I prefer going to the beach with the kids. Love the warranty !"