Claim Procedures Years 2 thru 7

When the home is purchased, a warranty card should have been completed. If you have registered the warranty, then simply call 1-877-434-3657 and give the claim representative your name and address. If the card was not returned, claim representatives will need your home's serial number for identification purposes. Please have this available when you call.

Claim’s employees will ask for your personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) and then find out which component needs repair/replacement to determine coverage eligibility.

One of the benefits of your warranty is that you have the option of using any of the various national service companies, the recommended servicer for your community (if applicable) or the local servicer of your choice.

We will ask you to have the servicer call us, fax us or email us the information pertaining to the problems you are having and the repairs needed. We negotiate pricing with the servicer and ask them to bill us.  On rare occasions, the servicer will ask for payment directly from you.  In these circumstances, we will reimburse you for any repairs that are covered under your warranty.

Please refer to the link below for full details.